2 Tackling Techniques…

Okay so taking a productive procrastinating approach (since I have exams :/) but I feel like writing a post so here it is!

Disclaimer: Products I use will be on another post!


I personally think there are two major parts in order to achieve a better skin condition practically, speaking from experience =

  1. You need to tackle the active acne!

So the big breakouts (or even those annoying little ones that hurt when you poke it). For a while I have tried many products in order to reduce it, and when it does, it comes back up again – how annoying is this! So what you really wanna be doing is once you say bye to that stupid little whitehead you say bye forever! I know how hard it is especially when you might put make up on top and there are random bumps that don’t look great. It unfortunately does take time but persistence is key!


This picture might help you realise what’s going on – on your face.

  1. Tackling the acne scarring!

Let’s be honest, we have all itched and poked at acne before and its normal to get scarring from the process – that’s another thing don’t scratch them! But in order to get clearer skin, acne scarring can be difficult to deal with. I would say patience is more key when dealing with the scars. Right now I am in the healing stages of the acne scars which is taking soososo long, but honestly I can’t wait to put the before and after of what my skin used to be and what it hopefully will be.

I hope these two little points can help you start your journey, I will be mentioning what I personally have done and am doing soon…

Till then, thanks for reading guys X O X O


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