What you SHOULDN’T do if you have a pimple!

Quick post about some things you shouldn’t do if you have a pimple from what I’ve experienced and some tips on what you can do.


  • Pick at it! I think this is quite well known but it is hard to not pick at it so if you don’t want to irritate it, avoid touching your face.
  • Eat foods/drinks which may have a tendency to further aggravate the pimple. Some foods may include dairy products, biscuits, overly fried or oily foods.
  • Stress about it more. Worrying about the pimple wont help at all, best to let your skin naturally heal.
  • I’ve personally started to avoid using chemical based face products because I have sensitive skin. This includes using face acid on the skin. (optional)


What you CAN do!

  • Find out if you have an allergic reaction. Occasionally this may happen to your skin unknowing that you’ve used products or eaten something that has caused the pimple in the first place.
  • Stay hydrated. Always keep some H2O nearby as that flushes out toxins.
  • Use a mask which can dry out the pimple. A really good mask I love using when I have a pestering spot is by the Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal (Purifying Glow). I only use this topically because I find it works better for my skin that way.
  • I also use a gentle exfoliator on the area and once cleansed, put rose water on a cotton pad and leave it on the area to help calm it down a bit more.
  • Leave ice cubes in the freezer and every night gently massage the cube over the pimple. Because the spot is highly inflamed inside the cube helps melt it down.


Anything I’ve missed out? I’d love to know so let me know below!


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